Thursday, March 29, 2012

Machine Knit Slippers

Fast . and easy to make  . pattern ,  Studio  standard machine  2 ply yard
Start  on machine 60 sts . knit 15 rows . start the make the  front heel  . leave on center 15 sts .partially knitting. after knit 30 rows  . next do a second heel on center leave 20 sts.  change color of yard, then the third heel . leave on center 20 sts ,next 30  rows start make the 4 heel leave on center 15 sts end the heel knit more 15 rows  ,end close  , sewing the front gatter to make the front flower and sew the front seam.
you making two slippers together one for the inside the other the out side.

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First day of Spring 20 March 2020

                                Snow went out all is dried soon be spring greenery